Six Ways to Commemorate and Celebrate your Breastfeeding Journey

Breastfeeding has been an incredible and unique experience for both me and my children. Although we had our obstacles at the beginning, I feel grateful to my body for allowing me to create a strong bond with both of my children.

These moments of closeness will always hold a special place in my heart. I beieve it's important to celebrate and commemorate this special journey, regardless of the duration of your breastfeeding experience.

I remember one day when I was feeding my daughter, thinking how much I would miss these moments of just the two of us- the warmth, the love- as if time had paused and nothing and no one else mattered.

It was in that moment that I realised I needed to capture this feeling, so I can cherish it forever. I explored various ideas to help me celebrate our unique journey. In this post, I will share with you some of the most unique ways and gifts to commemorate your breastfeeding journey.

1. Make a Milk Bath Ceremony at Home

Photo of milky white water with flowers

Milk is associated with purity, nourishment, and life-giving properties. The bath ceremony can be performed either for the mother or for the child. In some cultures, this ceremony is regarded as a sacred and nurturing experience.

It is believed that it honours the mother's role in nourishing and nurturing her child through breastfeeding, while also acknowledging the bond and sacrifices made during the breastfeeding journey. Personally, I have not yet done a milk bath for any of my children, but I am contemplating doing one for my son, while we are still on this journey together. 

2. Create a Breastfeeding Journal

Photo of a journal with pictures and text

Documenting my emotions, and milestones throughout motherhood has been something I have been doing since having our first child. I have been including special moments, challenges, reflections. I think that the journal will serve as a precious keepsake for years to come, it is one of my most cherished gifts (see image above) I received after giving birth.

My mom made it for me and the first couple pages feature photos of us together from my childhood up until now. I would like one day to pass this journal on to my daughter, hoping that the words within will make her feel seen and provide reassurance.

3. Organise a Breastfeeding Photoshoot

Black and white photo of a breastfeeding mother holding her child

Another way to celebrate the beauty of breastfeeding is through a professional photoshoot. These photographs will not only serve you as a reminder of the intimate moments shared with your little one but also empower and inspire other mothers on their breastfeeding journeys, should you decide to share them.

If a professional shoot is not within your budget, you can always ask your partner or a friend to take photos of you, or even do them yourself. Personally, I have taken numerous photos of myself whilst breastfeeding (probably way too many until I find the perfect angle). Alternatively, you can use a tripod or position your phone on a flat surface and use the timer function to take photos of yourself while nursing.

4. Commission a Minimalist Line Portrait from Photo

Framed picture of a breastfeeding mother

Once you have taken a photo of your little one breastfeeding, you can have it transformed into a modern line art. I have started doing Minimalist line portraits  during the lockdown in 2020, and since then I have been lucky enough to have turned hundreds of cherished memories into stunning artwork.

Allow me to work my magic and I will digitally hand-draw your portrait from a photo using a simple black line. Here is what some of my customers say about my work:

“ I have now had my third line portrait drawn by the very talented Simone and each time I am as blown away as the last. It is incredible how she manages to capture the magic of a moment with her simple, elegant and artistic lines.

You can feel the love and care that goes into her work. These line portraits are very worthy of encapsulating special memories. I won't be stopping at three! "

5. Get a Breastfeeding Line Print 

Photo of a mother nursing her child and pampas grass on the print

A beautiful line art print that depicts the bond between a mother and her nursing child can make a meaningful gift. Apart from custom portraits, I also offer Minimalist Line Prints. You can choose a print from the special collection dedicated to mothers “Simplistic mother and child” and personalising it by adding a quote or text.

6. Breast Milk Jewellery

photo of hands holding a necklace

You can get a unique piece of jewellery that has been created by a small quantity of expressed breast milk and incorporating it into a pendant, ring, bracelet, or earrings. Breastmilk jewellery holds deep sentimental value for many mothers as it represents a physical reminder of their breastfeeding experience. 

Celebrating and commemorating your breastfeeding journey is a beautiful way to honour the bond and experience shared with your child. Whether through journaling, professional photography, or commissioning a bespoke work of art, remember to embrace and cherish this remarkable time in your life. Feel proud mama of what you have accomplished!

Let me know in the comments below if you are thinking of trying out any of the ideas or if I have missed any other ways of commemorating a mother's nursing journey.

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