Colorful Simone Art

welcome last
Nice to see you here,
I am Simone and this is my girl Victoria.
Colorful Simone was born during the pandemic in 2020. As a first time mother, I had many moments of self doubt but also felt enormous amount of love. I started drawing some of my best memories with Victoria, so I could hold onto them for a little bit longer.

Drawing on my tablet with “just a simple line“, from photos of us cuddled together, felt to me as if I have tricked the time.
I wanted to do the same for other people, so they could cherish their special moments forever and so I opened my shop.

I have drawn from hundreds of beautiful photos from all over the world! What makes me especially happy is seeing my creations in your own homes or reading your wonderful reviews.

In fact, let me show you Victoria and her dad, doing their "happy dance", when you make an order from our small shop. Click on the play button below to see the video.
You can see the full video and more fun stuff on our Instagram account!
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