Can you work from any photo?

In most cases yes, I can! The better the quality of the photo, the more details I will be able to capture. However I cannot work from very blurry photos. If you are unsure if the photo you want is good enough for me to draw from, you can send it to me and I will advise you prior to purchasing: hello@colorfulsimone.com

Can you merge 2 different photos in one portrait?

Yes, I can but it depends on the photograph. Sometimes the position of the figures might make it difficult to merge into one, or it might end up looking unnatural. Please send me the photos you have in mind prior to purchasing and I can advise you. Please note that additional charge might apply, since this would be a more complex portrait.

Can I request a small change on my portrait?

Although great care is taken for each portrait to be created, I cannot guarantee complete resemblance with the original photo. That is why, each portrait comes with 1 free small detail change whenever needed. You would need to pay for any additional changes that you wish to have.

Can you send the digital portrait in a different size other than A4?

Yes, I can save it in pretty much any size but you would need to let me know when placing your order, so that I can set the settings before I start your illustration. Otherwise the image might be pixelated (not very crisp) if stretched.

When will my Digital portrait (Print it yourself) be ready?

It usually takes me between 2-5 days to fulfil a digital order. If you need your portrait sooner, please contact me prior to purchasing and I will see what I can do. Or alternatively you can purchase a “24h Rush order” upgrade.

Can I share my Digital illustration on my Social Media?

Yes, of course! Please remember to credit or tag me in the post: @colorful_simone

Will my photo(s) be deleted once you finish with the portrait?

Yes, we only use your photo(s) for the purposes of drawing your portrait. Once you have confirmed that you are happy with your portrait/ received your “Print it yourself” file, we will delete any photo(s) that you have sent us.

I have a questions but I cannot find the answer here.

No problem, you can get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer your query! Email us at hello@colorflsimone.com